Chunky knits


Living in Cleveland, Ohio is always fun when you go through the four seasons in a week. Yesterday was 75 degrees where today the high is 39 and super windy aka making me a giant freeze baby.

My favorite thing to shop for is blankets. I love the variety they have plus the colors. But my favorite are the chunky knit ones. They are so cozy and warm! You can seriously never go wrong with them.

I have shared some photos of my favorites ones/certain colors!

P.s. If you are looking for some go onto Pinterest. I saw a ton of DIY and buyable ones



Distressed Jean Wednesday

Hello Wednesday. We are finally half way through the week. I wear scrubs to work every day and love it! But in my down time? I love to wear distressed jeans. I love the look of them. Especially with a flannel or a big comfy sweater.

I have pulled a few of my favorite looks and I hope you love them too.

p.s. This weekend I will be doing a Forever 21 haul and finding amazing deals to share with you!


Happy Monday

Ugh. It’s Monday again. Can we go back to it being Sunday?! Monday’s are a love/hate relationship. I love Monday’s because it’s a new week but work starts all over.. I actually love my job but wish I could stay in bed for one more day. These pins are making me want to go home and crawl back into bed.

Have a good week!



Going through the long but short phase length of hair is the worst! I am currently going through that stage and never know what to do with my hair. I love the LOB look especially with layers.

The long in the front and short in the back is by far my favorite LOB look! I love having tons of layers with a shorter length in the back.

Below I have shown a few of my favorite looks and I hope you love them!!

I am cutting my hair and coloring it with the LOB look and cannot wait to show you pictures of it! Stay tuned.


Poshmark Review

I can’t rave enough about the app called Poshmark.

It’s an app that you can buy and sell items. They even have a ton of name brand items ((listed from different users)) like Louis Vuitton, Alexander Wang, Lululemon, and lots more!

I started my PM account about 3 years ago and at first I really didn’t use it. Until one day I was moving out of my parents’ house and realized I had way too many clothes and needed to downsize. So I started listing my items on PM and ever since then I am addicted to using it.

I am so addicted to using the app I seriously think once a month I am looking through my items and double checking whether I still will wear certain items or not.

The app also brought up and amazing opportunity for me. As I was using the app I noticed a lot of people selling their own “boutique” items. The idea was so great I looked into it and started to do the same. I LOVE it. I get to sell items that I hand pick out and share them with others. That’s how I started Casey’s Couture.

Even uploading a listing is easy to do.

I will show you below how to create a listing, write a brief description, and finally post it.




p.s. Don’t forget to find my closet on PM ((CaseysCouture))

First, pick the perfect photos to use. Clean cut photos are the best and attract a lot of people.
See pic #1
You caption the item, and write a little bit of info on the item to let your buyer know the condition and details about the item
There are category’s for specific items and you give the sizing info. After that, you add your pricing for the item and list your item it’s that easy! You can make money in your pocket how awesome?!

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is coming up and I am so excited! Between the chocolates and beautiful flowers. The hardest part about V-day? Shopping for your boyfriend.

I am sure I am not the only lady who has a hard time shopping for their man. I have pinned a few items that I highly recommend for shopping for him. I have pinned some recipes, items to purchase, and DIY crafts.

xo Casey

p.s. At Trader Joe’s I got a $99 cent card for my boyfriend! {{what a deal}}