How “Casey’s Couture” started

In 2013 I joined an app called Poshmark. I really never got the hang of it but left my account be.

I moved in with my boyfriend in 2015 and had too many things. I had a ton of designer brands in my closet. So I finally went to Poshmark and figured it all out. I was making sales left and right with my old items and thought wow this is awesome.

As time went on I met a ton of fabulous ladies and was noticing everyone selling “boutique items” which made me super interested in what all of that was about. Little did I know boutique items were about to become my best friend and a little cash in my pocket.

I started looking into websites and deals! I had to make sure I was buying good quality items and reasonable pricing for me and my customers. I bought bags, jeans, shoes, accessories anything to see what really sells and what doesn’t.

Recently I started clinical’s and night classes so I have been slacking on bringing in new items (( I know I need to get it together )) But i am so excited to announce I have re-launched Casey’s Couture and it’s better than ever!

I recently stocked up the “Myla Booties” and they are seriously my favorite. The perfect tan color and heel size making them easy to pair with any outfit and not worrying about breaking an ankle when you go out. I also have some super cute over-sized sunglasses posted (check them out too)

Casey’s Couture has been working with certain brands closely and will have new arrivals rolling in within the next few weeks!

Stay tuned ladies



  • Instagram: caseyscouture
  • Poshmark: caseyscouture (( Use code BLULS when you join Poshmark for a $5 credit ))



Los Angeles

I am S O excited for my trip to Los Angeles. I can’t stop thinking about it.

I have been using Poshmark as a guide to get my “foot in the door” in the wholesale world to start up a boutique.

So far I have found a few places to shop/visit;

* San Pedro Wholesale Mart
* The Grove LA
* The famous “pink wall” aka Paul Smith Limited
* The buzzed coffee shop
* Chanel
* Louis Vuitton

Any LA suggestions?! Especially places to buy wholesale. I really want to pick out fabulous pieces for you ladies.



Travel with me ✈️

Seriously I love traveling and discovering new places.

Being in the sun, new drinks ((wine, vodka)) and my favorite, new food!!

I have traveled to a few places in my 20 {{almost 21}} years!

I have been to the following // Puerto Rico, Florida, Wisconsin, Georgia (for a split second helping my nanny family get settled in) and Michigan! — I get to add California to the list come August

My favorite so far?! I think Florida. The beaches and the vibes were seriously the best.

Everyone is is so tan and so happy what more can you ask for?!

Tell me — where have you been to?!


Summer necessities

A bathing suit or multiple bathing suits is a MUST on vacations //

I can’t even tell you how many I pack especially when I know I am traveling somewhere warm. My favorite in bathing suit? A one piece – I love the way they show off your body! And ladies, don’t be afraid to show off those curves

Two pieces are also a must to take too! You could bring a crazy print or even one solid color – either way show off that body

My favorite place for both types of swimwear is from by Savannah Montano. Her pieces are so darn cute and she has a bangin body that makes you want to show off yours!!

And don’t forget to pack your favorite sunscreen from // the results are insane! I have tried them before and will be purchasing more for our vacation

Shop these sunscreens and bathing suits!



Summer time

Summer time is coming realll soon. Beaches, laying out, late nights, bonfires I can’t wait.

Summer will have lots of different topics on the blog ;

What I take to the beach // beach bag goodies
A “night out” outfit
4th of July look
New bag ideas
Summer outfits
Coffee shops

I can’t wait to share it all with you!

Stay tuned for these blog posts




I am so excited to announce that I have partnered with SHOPSLANG and am one of their Brand Rep’s!!!! I am truly excited and honored.

Their shirts are so cute and soft! I seriously live in mine.

The coolest part?! They sell t-shirts//sweaters by your region!

The regions they have are ; California, Chicago, Cleveland ((MY FAVORITE)), Indiana, Las Vegas, New York, Oregon, and Pittsburgh #steelersfans

I am from Cleveland so obviously my favorite product to buy are the ones that represent CLE. But, in August I will be taking a trip to Cali and will have to buy a t shirt just for that trip.

I can’t rave enough about the quality of these t-shirts! They are so soft and cozy. Perfect for a throw on top or even to go tailgating in.

Use code “caseyscouture” for 10% off your purchase! You will not regret this purchase.



My Spring2017 box has arrived and I am LOVING the products and wanted to share all of them with you!

The box comes in the cutest designs ever! Each box has a mix of fabulous spring colors ; like turquoise, light yellow and light purple ((So cute and scream spring))

The best part about these boxes is the quality of these products for the price is an unbelievable deal!

There were 9 items in my box –

  1. The Gypsy Boho Beach Roundie Towel — This style is SO in this year especially for beach days. The different color mixes and styles are so perfect and cute for beach days or even a picnic! Or even hang your roundie on a wall for a photo backdrop?! how cute of an idea!!! // $50 value
  2. Nature Bounty — Looking to help your hair grow?! These hair, skin, and nail gummies are the best and they taste SO good!! You take two gummies per day to promote hair growth // Value $20
  3. Rosarco Leave-in Conditioning Spray — This leave in conditioning spray is to give your hair some extra loving! It’s a blend of rosehip, argan, and coconut oils to improve hair softness. The best part?! It also acts as a barrier against heat which is great since I put heat to my hair often. TIP: Spray on clean, damp hair focusing on the middle to the ends. // $20 value
  4. Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion Age Defying Exfoliator — Reveal your radiant and renewed skin using this product! This product is made to polish away dead skin cells and leave you with bright, smooth and healthy-looking skin. TIP: Dampen your skin with warm water and gently massage cream to your skin. Rinse and follow with your favorite cleanser and moisturizer. // $79 value
  5. Milly Zip Pouch – This is seriously the best pouch I have ever gotten! It’s perfect for putting a wet bathing suit into it or even using as a make up bag. This bag is water-resistant. They even have cute silly quotes on them. Mine was “HAUTE MESS” // $45 value
  6. Karuna Hydrating Face Mask — This single-use mask allows pores to fully absorb essential nutrients and nourishing ingredients for ultimate hydration. // $28 value
  7. RealHer Lip bundle — Talk about lip service!! Made from natural ingredients, this lipstick, lip gloss, and lip liner trio are so pretty all the boys will be wanting to kiss those lips 😉 // $48 value
  8. Deborah Lippman nail polish — Seriously obsessed with my colors I got! They are the perfect colors for spring. // $19 value
  9. LUV AJ Jewelry Set- This is probably the one deal you cannot beat! You’ll be smiling ear to ear with this stunning set of earrings. Made of 14K rose gold. // $85 value


Total retail value of the box // $370

The best part is you only pay $39.99 when you use code “CASEY” at

You won’t regret it!