How “Casey’s Couture” started

In 2013 I joined an app called Poshmark. I really never got the hang of it but left my account be.

I moved in with my boyfriend in 2015 and had too many things. I had a ton of designer brands in my closet. So I finally went to Poshmark and figured it all out. I was making sales left and right with my old items and thought wow this is awesome.

As time went on I met a ton of fabulous ladies and was noticing everyone selling “boutique items” which made me super interested in what all of that was about. Little did I know boutique items were about to become my best friend and a little cash in my pocket.

I started looking into websites and deals! I had to make sure I was buying good quality items and reasonable pricing for me and my customers. I bought bags, jeans, shoes, accessories anything to see what really sells and what doesn’t.

Recently I started clinical’s and night classes so I have been slacking on bringing in new items (( I know I need to get it together )) But i am so excited to announce I have re-launched Casey’s Couture and it’s better than ever!

I recently stocked up the “Myla Booties” and they are seriously my favorite. The perfect tan color and heel size making them easy to pair with any outfit and not worrying about breaking an ankle when you go out. I also have some super cute over-sized sunglasses posted (check them out too)

Casey’s Couture has been working with certain brands closely and will have new arrivals rolling in within the next few weeks!

Stay tuned ladies



  • Instagram: caseyscouture
  • Poshmark: caseyscouture (( Use code BLULS when you join Poshmark for a $5 credit ))



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