Annie Hood👜

Ok y’all – we talked about SLNGHR and talked about the amount of relationship goals Josh and Anna are. Both killin’ it with their brands.

But Annie Hood is our next post. I am obsessed with the hand bags. Like OBSESSED. I can’t decide on a color – maybe I need all 4.

The Annie Hood clothing line is also fabulous. The super chic jackets and cute sexy fitted dresses I love them – the perfect go-to date night outfits.

Did I mention?! A line of shoes for men too. I know most girls can relate when I say men are so hard to shop for sometimes. What’s better than a fabulous pair of Annie Hood shoes/boots for your man?! Um nothing.

Please y’all help me decide on the color bag to get. I am seriously struggling 😩


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Ok y’all — I have to rave about this new clothing line I have discovered. Originally, I had followed the two on twitter because of their adorable pictures together. The women (Anna) had an adorable clothing/handbag line she created called Annie-Hood and seriously the hand bags from her line are to die for. I noticed her boyfriend (Josh) was creating a line and I have been following it and instantly fell in love.

The Slnghr clothing line ((based in London)) – the creator Joshua styles his girlfriend Anna which than the items we see her in become available to an every day person like me. Did I mention she looks amazing in every single piece he styles her in. Can we say couple goals?!

Their pieces are amazing. Between the fabulous trousers, slnghr tees, handbags, and the new shoes they just came out with I am obsessed. Everything is also reasonably priced especially considering the fact that he creates these pieces!

Keep up with their line at


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Netflix & Chill

I recently was contacted from Adore Me, the lingerie company. I had different options as to what I would like to blog about. My favorite one? What’s your “Netflix and Chill” kind of night?

Here’s my list of Netflix and Chill go-to’s:

  • Wine – is that even a question?! 🍷
  • Chinese
  • Mitchell’s ice cream
  • Lots of snacks

What do I wear?! My man’s oversized t-shirt. And a big chunky knit blanket to keep me warm. And if those are too much?! Go to target. My go-to blankets are always bought from there.

Recently, I have had a few show’s that I have a major crush on! Binge watching Netflix shows is one of my specialties.

  • Limitless- A show about a guy who gets into these pills and they make him extremely smart. It’s so good – I HIGHLY recommend it.
  • Girl Boss- Such a good show. I seriously felt so inspired to keep expanding Casey’s Couture even when it seems like it is too much. No one will stop me from following my dreams.
  • Grey’s Anatomy- So. Many. Seasons. You could watch them for day’s. The episodes defiantly take you on an emotional roller coaster ride but they are so worth it.

Go Netflix and Chill 🍿🍷</a

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Robert Patrick Salon

I can’t even begin to tell you how crazy I am when it comes to my hair. I have to be a certain amount of blonde // color.

My bestie Carlie and I had been going to this girl when Carlie ventured out to another place! Little did I know I would fall in love with the new place too.

It’s called Robert Patrick Salon ((for all you Cleveland ladies)) and I cannot rave about it enough!

It’s so clean. The set up is fabulous. The vibes are fantastic and the ladies are so sweet.
Did I mention their pricing is so reasonable?!
I highly recommend going here. The mirrors are huge aka perfect for your after hair care selfie 📸

Also, to all my Cleveland ladies. I have a $20 off your first service card that I would love to give to you. Get in contact with me.


Summer please

Oh Ohio. Making me sad with your rainy weather. On the bright side; I have officially completed my clinical’s and I couldn’t be happier! I have a whole week off.

This week’s blogs will feature some new Casey’s Couture inventory and a Marshall’s hall.

Let’s talk summer time. Currently, it’s 50 and rainy in Ohio for the next week and I’m honestly super sad that it’s the week I have off! I was hoping to get some sun.

I am craving warm weather and warm outfits. I am on Pinterest 24/7 finding new summer outfits every day.

But really, I’m waiting for my trip to LA. I know I can’t stop talking about it 🙊 I just can’t stop thinking about it and picking out outfits to take with me.

I have gotten some goodies for summer/my LA trip and cannot wait to share them.

Be sure to stay tuned!


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