Summer please

Oh Ohio. Making me sad with your rainy weather. On the bright side; I have officially completed my clinical’s and I couldn’t be happier! I have a whole week off.

This week’s blogs will feature some new Casey’s Couture inventory and a Marshall’s hall.

Let’s talk summer time. Currently, it’s 50 and rainy in Ohio for the next week and I’m honestly super sad that it’s the week I have off! I was hoping to get some sun.

I am craving warm weather and warm outfits. I am on Pinterest 24/7 finding new summer outfits every day.

But really, I’m waiting for my trip to LA. I know I can’t stop talking about it 🙊 I just can’t stop thinking about it and picking out outfits to take with me.

I have gotten some goodies for summer/my LA trip and cannot wait to share them.

Be sure to stay tuned!


Instagram: caseyscouture

Website to shop: http://www.caseys-couture


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