Netflix & Chill

I recently was contacted from Adore Me, the lingerie company. I had different options as to what I would like to blog about. My favorite one? What’s your “Netflix and Chill” kind of night?

Here’s my list of Netflix and Chill go-to’s:

  • Wine – is that even a question?! 🍷
  • Chinese
  • Mitchell’s ice cream
  • Lots of snacks

What do I wear?! My man’s oversized t-shirt. And a big chunky knit blanket to keep me warm. And if those are too much?! Go to target. My go-to blankets are always bought from there.

Recently, I have had a few show’s that I have a major crush on! Binge watching Netflix shows is one of my specialties.

  • Limitless- A show about a guy who gets into these pills and they make him extremely smart. It’s so good – I HIGHLY recommend it.
  • Girl Boss- Such a good show. I seriously felt so inspired to keep expanding Casey’s Couture even when it seems like it is too much. No one will stop me from following my dreams.
  • Grey’s Anatomy- So. Many. Seasons. You could watch them for day’s. The episodes defiantly take you on an emotional roller coaster ride but they are so worth it.

Go Netflix and Chill 🍿🍷</a

Instagram: caseyscouture



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