Ok y’all — I have to rave about this new clothing line I have discovered. Originally, I had followed the two on twitter because of their adorable pictures together. The women (Anna) had an adorable clothing/handbag line she created called Annie-Hood and seriously the hand bags from her line are to die for. I noticed her boyfriend (Josh) was creating a line and I have been following it and instantly fell in love.

The Slnghr clothing line ((based in London)) – the creator Joshua styles his girlfriend Anna which than the items we see her in become available to an every day person like me. Did I mention she looks amazing in every single piece he styles her in. Can we say couple goals?!

Their pieces are amazing. Between the fabulous trousers, slnghr tees, handbags, and the new shoes they just came out with I am obsessed. Everything is also reasonably priced especially considering the fact that he creates these pieces!

Keep up with their line at


instagram: caseys-couture



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