Poshmark Review

I can’t rave enough about the app called Poshmark.

It’s an app that you can buy and sell items. They even have a ton of name brand items ((listed from different users)) like Louis Vuitton, Alexander Wang, Lululemon, and lots more!

I started my PM account about 3 years ago and at first I really didn’t use it. Until one day I was moving out of my parents’ house and realized I had way too many clothes and needed to downsize. So I started listing my items on PM and ever since then I am addicted to using it.

I am so addicted to using the app I seriously think once a month I am looking through my items and double checking whether I still will wear certain items or not.

The app also brought up and amazing opportunity for me. As I was using the app I noticed a lot of people selling their own “boutique” items. The idea was so great I looked into it and started to do the same. I LOVE it. I get to sell items that I hand pick out and share them with others. That’s how I started Casey’s Couture.

Even uploading a listing is easy to do.

I will show you below how to create a listing, write a brief description, and finally post it.




p.s. Don’t forget to find my closet on PM ((CaseysCouture))

First, pick the perfect photos to use. Clean cut photos are the best and attract a lot of people.
See pic #1
You caption the item, and write a little bit of info on the item to let your buyer know the condition and details about the item
There are category’s for specific items and you give the sizing info. After that, you add your pricing for the item and list your item it’s that easy! You can make money in your pocket how awesome?!