Interior design goals

Ok – Let’s talk interior design. I am obsessed with looking at different looks on Pinterest. I like pretty basic colors (white, black, gray) These ideas are what I think of when I think my dream home!

Here’s what my main focuses have been on lately;
•Clothing racks
•Big mirrors
•Desk vibes
•Hanging chairs
•Door step mats
•Master bedroom ((specific color schemes)
Let’s start –

Coat racks – I love this look! And the best part is there are all types of different racks. Even the color of the racks. The best part? Having everything organized ((especially by color, I’m so OCD about that))

Big mirrors – I love big mirrors especially for selfies 😉 Being able to do my make up and get dressed in a full sized mirror is always #goals

Desk vibes – I have been looking a lot at desks. I love simple but chic looks. Especially chairs from Target they always have the best items for every room in your house.

Pillows – I love love LOVE super fuzzy ones. But, I also love the ones with words written on them. There are tons of buyable ones on Pinterest too.

Hanging chairs – I recently just discovered this look and love it! So cute yet chic for a guest room or even a family room. Plus, you can add a big comfy blanket on it to add a little spice to it!

Door step mats – I mean you can’t go wrong with any kind of mat. They even sell buyable ones with quotes on them on Pinterest.

Master bedroom // bathroom – This is more of my dream looks of each room. Dream BIG am I right?!





Date nights 💐

Date nights are my favorite. The hardest part?! Figuring out the perfect outfit.
*Summer/Spring time: Dress and sandals
* Fall/Winter: Distressed jeans and a big chunky sweater
So let’s talk about winter outfits (since it’s March)

I typically go for a big chunky sweater, distressed jeans, and booties (especially burgundy color)

Flannel’s are also my favorite go-to. They can either be worn or tied around your waist with a plain white tee ((so simple but a definite style staple))

I hope my date night outfit idea’s help you find something super cute to wear next time you go on one!